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Inez Chiara C. Cortes

Upper School,

Class 2003-2004

"We were encouraged in and out of class, to think for and express ourselves that made studying seemed like a challenge to surmount, instead of a chore to dread..." read more>>

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Ms. Arnabelle Hidalgo

       Ma. Arnebelle Hidalgo-Shoaf (Arnee Hidalgo)

       BSBA Graduate
       Music Artist and Entrepreneur

"Entering Southville… had been a decision that I now find fulfilling. Through all the years that I had been in this college, I now feel adequate and confident that the knowledge imparted to me will get me through once I become a part of the corporate world. I can say that enrolling in the Business Administration course is a well thought of decision. The global problem nowadays centers on economy, which is a subject well associated with my course. With the able guidance of my professors in this college who imparted me the invaluable knowledge in the course of my stay, coupled with the encouragement I get from my family members, leaving college to venture in the real business world will be a welcome challenge."




Minerva Janne Ganaden
BSBA Graduate
Pursuing Graduate Studies in Human Resource Management  at Harvard Business School


"Looking back, I acquired in Southville International School and Colleges a way of thinking and skills which have set me up for life. Southville is not just textbook and classroom learning. It is a combination of academic theories, case analysis, industry updates, and collaborative work that helped us learn what is happening in the real business world. Southville helped me understand how to create an effective business plan, developing our skills in "HOW TO THINK" rather than merely acquiring additional knowledge.

While I am continuing to learn and explore the infinite and complex world of business, I am grateful to have gotten a comprehensive foundation that brings me to where I am now. Because of Southville, I had the privilege to join a career training program and I am currently working in Massachusetts, USA (2010-2013).

It is not easy, but who said life was easy? If you want to make something of yourself in this world, expect and accept difficulties along the way. I know that my journey has not ended yet, and so is yours! The four years that I have spent in Southville have really been beneficial and rewarding, to say the least, with education on a par with global standards."


Jad Hernandez


     Jad Hernandez
     BSBA Graduate


"If there is one thing I have learned in Southville, it’s that no matter where you’re from, what you’ve gone through or who you are, everyone is equal. Being part of this school has made me realize that when you’re focused on what you need to, you will achieve no matter what the odds are. From my lessons to the bonds I have with the people in school, there’s no mystery why I’m so thrilled to go to school every day. It’s new to me that I wake up each day with a hunger for knowledge and a passion to change the world. Looking back, I never have imagined myself even having a goal in life, nor even to bare the hurdles along the way, but with everything within my reach, a great faculty, a supportive environment and facilities to help me, nothing is impossible in reaching my goal. The difference before is that now, I believe that I have future and it’s possible to make it happen."

"Southville really influenced me a lot; I was able to improve my skills, develop my self confidence, and gain knowledge of what real life means. Moreover, Southville has given me the opportunity to show my abilities in different kinds of fields. Basically, most of the things that I learned in Southville are relevant to our everyday life. In addition, I was able to join many activities that I know will be useful for me in the future and also to others that I can be able to share all my experiences. I know that what Southville has given me will stay for a lifetime. Therefore, I’m proud to say that Southville International School and Colleges is indeed one of the best International Schools in the Philippines."