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The College of Psychology empowers the students to be responsive to the challenges of understanding and helping people.  Embedded in its curriculum are the 5Cs: Competence, Character, Commitment to Achieve, Collaboration and Creativity that will equip them with relevant knowledge, skills, values and competencies in all fields of psychology as they face the demands of a globally competitive society.

We envision our graduates to be responsible citizens who accept and respect cultural diversity, respect and protect the environment, promote gender equality and realize their fullest potentials in the service of humankind.



The College of Psychology aims to produce graduates who demonstrate the following core competencies:

1. Demonstrate professional competence, specifically graduates who:
      a. Demonstrate knowledge of theories and dynamics of human
      b. Demonstrate general working knowledge of the different
           assessment skills needed in analyzing human behavior.
      c. Possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude in
          performing the different functions of a psychologist in the
          educational, clinical, and industrial settings.
2. Exhibit interpersonal and personal management skills.
      a. Posses the traits of a competent psychologist.
3. Uphold the ethical standards in the exercise of their profession.
      a. Practice/ adopt the prescribed ethical standards in carrying
          out the tasks required in his/her profession.