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Jasmin Mari Sembrano

Tourism Graduate

Domestic Cabin Crew, Philippine Airlines

"I appreciate how Southville recognized and focused on a student’s individual capabilities and skills. With this..." read more>>

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The BS Information Technology course at Southville international School & Colleges is structured to produce graduates that are prepared for the global workforce. The technology landscape continuously changes with new technologies rapidly replacing existing ones. We are able ensure that graduates receive the best international education to prepare them for careers locally and globally. Working with leading technology providers such as Microsoft and Oracle combined with global education standards such as ETS TOEIC, we are able to provide graduates with the credentials they need to be employed anywhere in the world. Our ourstanding graduates are able to find employment in world leading economies, in market leading companies.

  • Provides opportunities to students to use software, hardware, telecommunication, and services in providing business systems and solutions
  • Provides technical and professional competency in programming, systems development and administration, networking, and in  analytical processes
  • Prepares students for a career in Information and Communication Technology, with emphasis on the use of computers in the business context
  • Aims for students to be internationally competitive and secure jobs in first world countries such as USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc