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A center of quality and innovative Nursing Education that develops students to become globally competitive and efficient nurses with a heart of service who will make a difference locally and internationally.

The BSN program at SISC has a strong liberal arts and sciences education with a transdisciplinary approach that assists students in gaining knowledge, attitudes, and skills essential to safe, quality nursing practice in a variety of settings. It has also, threaded through the II, III and IV year levels, development of competencies in simple research and evidence-based practice.

Graduates of this program demonstrate the beginners’ professional competencies and are well prepared to take local and international examination such as the Philippine Nurses' Licensure Exam (PNLE), CGFNS, NCLEX for licensure as Registered Nurse (R.N.) and IELTS, TOEFL, TSE for English proficiency. Successful completion of the licensing examination qualifies the graduate to assume a beginning staff nurse position in a hospital or agency; and is qualified to pursue post-graduate studies or advance professional training.

SISC's BSN program provides leadership opportunities and teaches students to value excellence. Integrated in all the subjects/courses are the school's core values “5Cs” namely: Competence, Character, Collaboration, Creativity and Commitment to Achieve.

A well placed mentorship program for all students, a “Speak English” school policy and an active nursing students’ school organization provides a learning environment for preparing students to be globally competitive in beginning professional positions and qualifies them to assume various roles and open opportunities for progression towards advanced studies.

SISC's successful BSN graduates shall have approximated the competencies of a professional nurse and are eligible to apply and take the licensure examination for registration.