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Master in Business Administration - Executive Program

The Special Executive MBA Program of Southville International School and Colleges delivers a one-year innovative Masters Degree Program that is flexible and career focused. It is designed for those who have an undergraduate background in business and has occupied at least 2 years of supervisory position in any business.

The curriculum not only serves to sharpen students competencies in leadership and decision making, it also adds a valuable dimension to the work of a manager as it relates to other areas of the business professions.

The Special Executive MBA Program is a 36-unit, lock-step program that is completed in one year. Students typically enroll and finish one 3-unit subject a month for a total 12  subjects.  The program is non-thesis, but proof of completion is done through an in-depth case analysis presentation which is done by the prospective graduate in front of a panel of his mentors .
Areas of concentration include:  Finance, International Business, Management, Management Science, Six Sigma, Management Science Consulting, Marketing, Mergers and Acquisitions