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The Online MBA Philippines Program (MBA) at Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU)  combines distance learning and personal instruction. The SISFU UK MBA (Master of Business Administration) programme provides each participant―especially those pursuing general management, finance, human resource management, marketing, entrepreneurship, or project management careers―a clear trajectory towards managerial and leadership excellence.

The programme allows you to earn an internationally MBA without leaving the Philippines. Moreover, it helps you meet the demands of your job while developing yourself as a professional in your career. The programme is in partnership with the Pearson Level 7 Diploma programme.

Every module eases the professional from a basic business or academic world-view to an advanced, applied and practical understanding of key aspects of business―all within a global context.


Modules offered:

  1. Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills
  2. Professional Development for Strategic Managers
  3. Strategic Human Resource Management
    Managing Financial Principles and Techniques
  4. Strategic Change Management
  5. Strategic Marketing Management
  6. Leading E-strategy
  7. Strategic Planning
  8. Research Methods for Strategic Managers
  9. Project Development and Implementation for Strategic Dissertation

Frequently asked questions

 When can I start?

Enrolment is open year-round. Our intakes are in January, May and September.

 How long will it take to finish?

Our term includes 4 subjects for the full load, which will take you 18 months to complete. You will be graduating with the 2 UK credentials - Extended Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership and MBA.

I have a job. How can I attend classes?

One of the programme's distinctive features is the flexible schedule designed for working professionals. Our classes are held every Saturday.


You may also contact us at (+632)-820-5952  or (+632)-820-9181  or email us at