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Jad Hernandez

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"Being part of this school has made me realize that when you’re focused on what you need to, you will achieve no matter what the odds ..." read more>>

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SISFU Distance Learning Programs allow you to study at the times and places you choose while you keep your job and build your career. While working, you can still attend to your study and even enjoy the close connection with your classmates and instructors via online mashups, video conferencing and web chats and instant messengers. Reach your potential while keeping your focus on what matters most: earning your degree as you balance family, work, and life's other demands. SISFU's online format offers a flexible schedule which allows you to choose when and where you study while completing your degree at your own time and place.

List of Online Degrees

Online Business Course

  1. BA Business Administration
  2. BS International Finance
  3. BS International Business Management

Online Marketing Course

  1. BS International Marketing
  2. BA Marketing Management

Online Human Resource Course

  1. BA Human Resource Management
  2. BS International Human Resource Management