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Cadet Private Ray Jeven Labio

Upper School,

Class 2005-2006

"The fact that SISC is a prestigious school known worldwide for developing individuals to be excellent in academics and values really impressed my admissions officers at West Point... "read more>>

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Pay Tuition, Miscellaneous and Other Fees via BPI Express Online

Parents and students may now pay tuition, miscellaneous and other fees via

Please select “SOUTHVILLE INTL SCHOOL(SISC)” as the merchant in the enrollment of bills. The reference number is the student’s ID number in the following format – xx-xxxxB for Basic Education students and xx-xxxxC for College students. The cashier may process your official receipt the following day if prompted; otherwise, the official receipt may be claimed from the cashier’s office after two working days.

For more details, please CLICK HERE.


Other payment options:

Payment made directly to the school:
1.       Cash and check payments may be directly paid to SISC’s cashiers at the Luxembourg campus
2.       Payment through credit cards directly to the cashier.
Credit cards accepted are BPI, all other major credit cards (VISA & Mastercard)for AMEX Card holders still in process.
3.       Debit payment for BPI card holders
4.       On-line payment for BPI card holders this can be done at home or through mobile banking by choosing Southville among the list of merchants (please email to the following a scanned copy of the on-line payment transaction to
Payment made through bank transactions: (please email a scanned copy of the deposit slip to
5.       Bank deposit – inter branch deposits
5.1   BPI – Cittadella Las Piñas branch, acct. no. 4611-0042-36
5.2   MBTC – Ayala Alabang branch, C/A acct. no. 001-7-001-51917-0
5.3   PNB – Aguilar Ave. Las Piñas branch, acct. no. 3531-00426-8
6.       Bank wire transfer (within the Philippines and abroad)Important: please email scanned copy of bank transaction receipt to
6.1   BPI Unit B Femina Bldg., CAA Road cor. Cittadella Ave. Village Pulang Lupa 2, Las Piñas City
Dollar acct. no. 4614-0119-85
 Peso acct. no. 4611-0042-36
6.2   PNB Grd. Flr. LPDH Bldg., Aguilar Ave. Las Piñas City
Dollar acct. no. 3532-00032-5
 Peso acct. no. 3531-00426-8