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Atty. Jeanne Carla Ferrer

High School,

Class 2004-2005

"There was a perfect balance between academic and non-academic activities in Southville. While we were taught to excel in our schoolwork, we were also molded to become well-rounded individuals through numerous school events and activities that are full of life lessons." read more>>

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Show It Some Love: The SISC College Library—Take Two!

In the second part of the college library feature, Mr. Roderick Ramos talks about the benefits of reading and developing good reading habits.

“The library personnel adopt 5As of Library Tourism and Hospitality in providing information and reference service to clients, namely: library ARRIVAL, library ACCOMMODATION, library ACCESS, library ACTIVITY, and library ATTRACTION. Under each are specific activities that engage and make every client’s stay in the College Library enriching and productive,” said Mr. Roderick Ramos. The SISC College Library promotes the use of its facilities, services, and resources through innovative ways to entice patrons to visit the library. Examples of the library’s fascinating marketing techniques are The Get 1, Leave 1 Book Swap Service and Every Monarch Reads A Book, Check Out A Book, Win A Prize.

For Mr. Ramos, reading is as highly impactful as film viewing and/or playing a sport. He said, “It informs us techniques how to live well, entertains us with affecting stories, inspires us to be achievers at all times, and influences anyone to transform and/or evolve.”

To develop good reading habits, the college library coordinator has five tips for you:

• Impose on oneself to read a material and/or finish a book each quarter of the year.
• Think about it.
• Write about it.
• Speak about it.
• Dream about it.
Show It Some Love: The SISC College Library