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"Southville provided me endless opportunities to unlock my potentials. Its academic and non-academic activities enabled me to be a well-rounded student. Undoubtedly, Southville helped me prepare for the real life. " read more>>

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Southville IB Alumna Now Making Waves in Photography

Southville International School and Colleges alumna, Johanna Aquino of International Baccalaureate Class 2008, is now a professional photographer and travel blogger, even before graduating at the Academy of Art University with the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts last 2016.

Jojo, as she is now known at Traveling Petite Girl, had been in Southville since third grade up to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). She shared that Southville was a huge part of her growing up and was glad she had the opportunity to grow up with a tight knit community. She said that Southville taught her not only academic and moral excellence but also the importance of fun.

“I remember when I was in sixth grade; I joined the Cheerleading competition during the school Intramurals. And we won! Everyone was so happy and excited! It taught me that hard work truly pays off.”

Jojo, who practically grew up in Southville, shared that she still lives by the Southville culture of 5Cs of Character, Collaboration, Competence, Creativity and Commitment to Achieve and the skills she learned from the IB program.

“The skills I learned from Southville - diligence, studying hard, keeping my priorities in check - were a kick in the butt to push me towards my goals. Even when I didn't know who I wanted to be then, I knew I had the skills to be that person.”

She is especially thankful to the IB program for preparing her for her dream university and giving her credited units that eventually helped her gain a scholarship and financial assistance at the university.

Now, Jojo is a freelance photographer and a travel blogger, documenting her juicy travel experiences and sharing her zest for life. She is a true testament of Southville’s commitment in preparing its students to become movers of society— enabling them to make the world a more colorful place.