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Jasmin Mari Sembrano

Tourism Graduate

Domestic Cabin Crew, Philippine Airlines

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Fully Equipped for the Real World

Maria Catherina Anne Beran wanted to pursue a degree in Psychology. But she realized there was creativity in her waiting to be unlocked. With that, she decided that AB Communication was the course for her. She believed that it would hone her potentials and maybe even make a difference in the Marketing and Media Industry.

“Creativity is me. Creativity is not only about being creative, it’s also about how you give color and put the fun in all the stressful tasks, assigned projects, and those boring routines you do every day at the start of your work,” said Catherina.

Today, Catherina is with Parque Espana Residence Hotel as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Public Relations Officer and Graphic Artist. Catherina was responsible for raising the hotel’s publicity, which she was highly commended for. She has also been spearheading numerous sponsorship events as well as events for Paque’s clientele accounts. She was also given recognition for the ‘Best Director and Best Picture’ for their movie teaser competition and ‘HiiDol’ for placing 3rd in a singing contest both against all affiliated hotels, 1st place in a KPOP Music Video competition she directed, and the ‘Innovative Award’ which was given quarterly. Catherina is also the graphic artist and photographer of a resort named Samkara, located in Lucban, Quezon where majority of their collaterals were made by our very own alumna.

Working in the industry could be very toxic and not knowing how to handle the stress could be a big problem. Luckily Catherina was trained to multitask, manage her time, and measure the level of importance for each task. She was also trained to deliver quality output beyond management expectations.

“Do not be discouraged by your mistakes as a student because you will thank them in time. Every single bit of mistake brings new knowledge, new experience, new decision and a new chance for you to become better. Not to say that you should always do wrong, but to see your mistakes as opportunities to learn and be better. Remember “all is well” and you are capable of doing anything you want.”

Catherina is a true testament of Southville’s unending commitment in preparing its students not only as academic achievers but also as capable movers of society, consistently seizing every opportunity to exceed the expectations.