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Excellence in Business and in Arts

Danica Jeline Rayos took a shift of path when she realized her calling was rather on the art side. Commending her excellent skill in public speaking, photography, and filmmaking, her mother encouraged her to take up Communication instead. Danica left her premedical Physics course in La Salle and pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Communication in Southville International School and Colleges.

College in Southville has shaped Danica to be a responsible media practitioner. Currently, she is the social media manager and a marketing officer of Rebelde, an organization that celebrates love for filmmaking, cinema, and life. Aside from that, she is also a freelance graphic designer for Purple Hive and a freelance videographer/editor wherein some of the films she has worked on were in film festivals in the previous year.

"I don’t think I would have survived the workforce if I didn’t graduate with AB Communication of Southville. Ms. Myles Manalo's classes have equipped me with the skills I needed in my field since I got into the marketing side for my jobs. Southville has instilled in me the 5Cs (Character, Competence, Creativity, Collaboration, Commitment to Achieve) values which I embody in everything that I do."

In a special correspondence, Danica shared that Southville faculty has fully equipped her with the competencies and confidence needed in her field and how most boardroom presentations were like thesis defense.

"My first job was a Marketing Executive & Corporate Communications Specialist for Treston International College, and I admit I felt like a frog just got out of its well. I struggled but my colleagues helped me adjust. It wasn’t long since I’ve started working but I was given the floor to present a marketing strategy to the Vice-President. I thought to myself that this is just another thesis defense of some sort. A few months after, I was representing the school’s marketing/admissions team and managing the school's social media accounts.

"For my second job, my most memorable accomplishment as Content Manager for Traca and Ascent (both owned by the same person), was working from 8 am till 3 am the next day to shoot the company’s AVP which would be shown to the big bosses at the Bureau of Customs. Whew! I was a woman-production too. I shot and edited the video myself.

"For Rebelde, I started with them by joining their film camp in Banaue. It was truly a life-changing experience. I met Kidlat Tahimik, Paul Soriano, Antoinette Jadaone, Larry Manda, and Teddy Co in the camp and it ignited my passion for filmmaking even more. Right now, we’re organizing our film camp this year in Batanes and I’m so excited about what’s to come!"

Though she believes there is no one way to achieving the pinnacle of creativity, Danica encourages her fellow Monarchs to look on the bright side ask for help, and collaborate with others.

"Even when you think you’re not good enough in conceptualizing, writing, filmmaking, marketing, advertising, or even studying, just attend your classes, listen attentively to your professors, and ask for help. College will be stressful, but you are not alone in this fight. Your professors and classmates will be there to support you but you also have to help yourself. Education is a powerful weapon to wield once you get into the real world. Trust me."

Danica is a true testament to Southville’s unending commitment to preparing its students not only as academic achievers but also as capable movers and leaders of society, consistently seizing every opportunity to exceed the expectations.