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Southville IB spearheads the Fight against Hunger

To celebrate World Food Day and to respond to this global challenge, Southville IB launched a project called the Hunger Game last October 16. In the said project, students and teachers from Preschool to College were invited to visit the and answer the vocabulary game. For every answer that they got right, they donated 10 grains of rice through a sponsor to the World Food Program of the United Nations.

At the end of the day, SISC students donated a total of 40,610 grains of rice. If one serving of rice contains 3,750 grains, then we have collected approximately 11 servings of rice which can feed a family of four in Cambodia.

Aside from the Hunger Game, Southville IB also put up the Hunger Tree at the Luxembourg campus where everyone can write their ideas as regards the root causes and effects of hunger, and the plausible solutions to end starvation. Here are some of the responses gathered:

“Continuous increase in the population”
“Mishandling of natural resources”
“Economic model that only chase profit”
“Budget appropriation of the government”

“High mortality rate
“Poor productivity”
“Kids can’t go to school.”
“Unfulfilled lives”

“Good governance”
“Form groups to raise awareness”
“Education for all. Jobs for all.”
“Extract some money used for warfare and use it to subsidize the poor.”
“Wealthy people must collectively donate a portion of their earnings to help end the hunger.”
“Cooperation with global NGOs like UN to ensure that the children could get some food and eradicate the root causes.”