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Dr. Marvin Jino Bugna

High School,

Class 2004-2005

"Southville trained me to become a responsible and disciplined person. It helped me become a good leader in many ways. It taught me the importance of helping others and studying hard in order to get good grades. Applying the 5C’s (Competence, Character, Collaboration, Creativity and Commitment to Achieve) and 5S’s (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) that Southville taught me was a great help that made a big impact and difference in my life in becoming a doctor." read more>>

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Southville Officer Delivers a Speech at the ASEAN Teachers Conference

On March 4, 2015, our Vice-President for Academics and Research Dr. Marjorie Gutierrez-Tangog delivered a talk at the “ASEAN Teachers Conference: Learning to Learn Above SEA Level and Tomorrow”. The event was held at the Amoranto Theater, Diliman Quezon City and was attended by teachers and education students from Metro Manila. Joining her as keynote speakers were Senator Bam Aquino, Senator Nikki Coseteng, assistant Vice President of UP –Professor Nes Raneses, and Principal of the Year Ms. Espe Bautista.

In keeping abreast with globalization standards, Dr. Tangog urged her fellow educators to use information technology as a platform for learning. She emphasized that teachers should be in the same digital space as learners nowadays, and to use available technological resources to help these learners explore their world and develop their critical and creative thinking skills. Ultimately, she pointed out that despite our technological demands and capabilities, educators must still highlight the importance of values and ethical responsibilities.