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Theater Arts Class Remakes Fame on Stage

“You got big dreams? You want fame?”

After five years we were given a chance to hear those memorable lines again as the Introduction to Theater Arts class staged a modern adaptation of the musical Fame last year at the Luxembourg Hall of Southville International School and Colleges.

Fame is an 80s American musical film which follows the life of a group of performing arts students over four years in art school. The film’s popularity gave rise to adaptations on television and stage as well as its latest film remake in 2009.

This year’s version of Fame was based on the original concept of the musical, but with a completely new script. The story chronicled the experiences of six talented students as they search for fame. The six main characters include Sasha (portrayed by Gia Gumisad), Marcus (portrayed by Bryan Correa), Gwen (portrayed by Clarisse Reyes), Cara (portrayed by Janica Reloxe), EJ (portrayed by Jenz Baet), and Javy (portrayed by Oliver Buiser).

Songs from music legends like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Queen, and Michael Jackson were included in this stage adaptation alongside Fame’s iconic songs such as Fame, Out Here on My Own, Hold Your Dream, Hi Fidelity, and Starmaker.