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Communication students conduct Oral Communication workshop

Communication 3 students under Ms. Mylene Manalo held their last outreach program last Wednesday, March 8, 2016, at the SISC Media Center. Students from CAA were invited to Southville International School and Colleges to participate in a "Workshop on Oral Communication", which covers basic information in creating a PowerPoint presentation.

The outreach started with the SISC invocation followed by the prayer before meals led by Darryl Papa. The students were then asked to eat their lunch before starting with the presentation of 3 different groups led by Darryl Papa, Joan Llamas, and Lance Nator. Each group provided different topics and PowerPoint presentations. The first presentation was about "Creating a PowerPoint presentation" followed by the "Do's and Don'ts in Reporting, and lastly "The Application." Students took down notes, participated actively, and were able to cope up with the presenters.

After the last group presented, the CAA students were asked to make their own PowerPoint presentation and choose between the topics: "My favorite food" or "My favorite movie." Some students had a hard time creating their own presentation, and the Communication 3 students entertained the questions of those who needed help.

Dr. Felma Tria, the Dean of Communication and Multimedia Arts, also graced the event and gave a short message to everyone present. Then the chosen CAA students presented their work. Prizes were given to those who participated in the discussion and to those who reported. Anjelica Rojas led the awarding of the certificates, followed by a group picture taking that concluded the outreach.