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Substance Over Form: BS Accountancy Celebrates JPIA Org Day

Last September 1 & 2, the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants held their annual JPIA Day and Night, respectively, at the Luxembourg Gym, Southville International School and Colleges. During the JPIA Day, members were divided into teams namely Candor, Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation, and Amity, which were derived from the theme “Divergent.” They’d had lots of activities and games that aim to develop collaboration and creativity. Each actitvity had a corresponding MERITs and DEMERITs which served as the basis for identifying this year’s overall team champion. At the end of the day, the group who stood out among the rest was Team Candor with 2100 merits.

JPIANs kicked the night off with elegance and sophistication by wearing their best dress and suit in line with the theme, “The Great Gatsby.” The celebration began with an invocation led by the President-elect, Yoseph Woo. The dean of the College of Business Education and Tourism, Dr. Victor Manabat, delivered the opening remarks, which was followed by Sir Jun Torres who gave the introductory speech for the Jacketing Ceremony, in honor of the graduating students under the BS Accountancy program. The event was graced with the presence of the parents of the fifth year students which was a surprise on the part of the latter. Both the parents and the students gave their heartwarming messages in front of all JPIANs. Ms. Jamie Gatpayat and Ms. Patricia Samarita, two of the 1st Batch who graduated under the program, came and joined the JPIANs as they enjoyed themselves in the Gatsby Party.

The ceremony was followed by the Mr. & Ms. JPIA Pageant 2016 and the Search for the JPIA Idol Season 3 Champion. Winners from the JPIA Day and Night activities were announced and awarded during the last part of the party. Kimberly Aguidan and Audrey Golimlim were awarded as Best Dress/Suit for the night. Camille Magdaraog and Patrick Frogoso were announced as the Most Outstanding Players, and Yuji Yoshida as the Most Outstanding Leader. For the pageant, Cheska Babasa and James Ty were declared as 2nd Runners Up, while Abigail Perez from the fourth year and Audrey Golimlim from the first year, won the 1st place. Patrick Frogoso and Darla Dominguez were crowned as Mr. & Ms. JPIA 2016. Jackie Llobrera won the title as JPIA Idol Season 3 Champion. The night was ended with some picture-taking and distribution of give-aways for all the JPIA members.