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Southville Student Elected to the Junior Philippine Computer Society - National Board Office

November 29, 2014- The annual Leadership Transformation Workshop and Elections hosted by the Junior Philippine Computer Society (JPCS) elected John Panes as the Director for International Linkages.

Themed "Inform. Involve. Influence.” this year's LTWE focused on harnessing leadership skills and promoting youth engagement in the utilization of today's technology. The event was only offered to the officers of respective JPCS chapters and was limited to only five delegates per school. There were 26 schools that participated in the event. It was attended by John Panes, JPCS-SISC President; and Anjellica Molina, JPCS-SISC-Vice President for External Affairs.

The leadership workshop was held on the first day where JPCS representatives from different colleges and universities were emerged with fun group dynamics and insightful talk sessions facilitated by the renowned Mr. Nonong Noriega from PLDT. Another highlight of the event was the elections of the National Board of Officers which took place the following day. There are nine positions in the JPCS National Board Office. The candidates were given questions which they would answer in front of all the delegates and then undergo a panel of interview conducted by the PCS Board of Directors. John Panes ran for the position, was elected, and appointed as the Director for International Linkages.