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Student Celebration of Southville's Silver Year

The Foundation Week started on September 14 of 2015. 2015 marks the 25th year of Southville since its founding on the year 1990. As a celebration for its silver year, Southville has prepared a lot of events for both the students and the faculty and staff. The events and booths centred on allowing the people of Southville to enjoy the whole foundation week. From September 14 to 18, there were a lot of events lined up that encouraged everyone to participate.

The first day of the week, Monday to be precise, was a day off for the students so the faculty and staff could celebrate the beginning of the Foundation Week. The employees has a Mass and an opening ceremony. From then on they continued the day with events and games and such.

After Monday, comes Tuesday. This marks the first day of the Foundation Week for the students. The day held two major events. First of all was the Monarch’s Idol, where the students were able to showcase their talent in singing. The BSIT department had three participants, Roman Baluyot, AJ Molina and Ricky Dalida, and one of them, Ricky Dalida, was able to snag the third place award. The event was held in Monarch’s Gym, right before the cheering competition, and was a great competition filled with amazing singers. The cheering competition got the BSIT department hyped up as they were able to participate, alongside the Education department. The BSIT-Educ group, or the Technocation Warriors, was able to attain the third rank amongst five other departments. The competing departments were the Nursing, Psychology, ABComm and ABMMA, and the Tourism departments. All the participants showed great endeavour and spirit as they gave their all in both cheering and dancing. The BSIT and Educ group has been practicing since the month of August and they have shown a great amount of effort and perseverance as they aimed, not for the number 1 title, but for the enjoyment of, not only the audience, but themselves. All the departments were able to showcase their potential in a different kind of field as this event was Southville’s first ever cheering competition. There were a lot of excitement on the day.

On the third day of the week was the start of the Monarch’s Cup. Players chosen carefully from the students of each courses fought for a win in both Volleyball and Basketball. There was also a short game of fast ball between courses where boys and girls play with each other in a round of Volleyball.

Finally, the last day of the week, Friday, was a day to remember. Participants from all the courses joined to compete in a pageant called Mr. and Ms. SISC. The participants were able to showcase their talents and walk down the runway with elegant costumes of different styles. As each participant strutted down the runway, they caught the audiences’ attention with their glamorous clothing. The pairings were not done per course, and different courses were paired to each other. Each participant gave their best performance.

The whole event was for the benefit of the students and the faculty. Several booths were placed on the college walkway and the BSIT Department had the pleasure of having a booth of their own. A gaming site for those interested in playing games and they were also selling figurines and other stuffs for the students. There was also a display case that showed different figurines. Other courses also had their own booths. The booths ranged from karaoke to balloon darts to shooting basketball and other fun things. A fun week indeed for everyone who was able to participate.

Written by Janine Mayuga