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Y4IT 2015: Youth is the Future

September 9-11, 2015, UP held one of the largest seminars in the IT Industry. In a span of three days, inspiring IT professionals, computer enthusiasts and current IT professionals from around the nation were invited to join the seminar in the SMX convention in Mall of Asia, Pasay City. Southville's BSIT department had the privilege of attending the seminar and witnessing some of the people who have a keen understanding and knowledge of the Information Technology world. The Y4IT, or Youth for Information Technology, an event which has been annually held for thirteen years, invites students to expand their knowledge on the current trends and issues regarding the IT Industry. There is a continuous need of new techniques and information since technology is having a continuous development with different factors, from infrastructures to medical assistance.

According to Dr. Silvia Giordano, a professor in the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland, "Mix of technologies promises to realize the ubiquitous computing, where Smartphones are the key.". She emphasizes the fact that the youth today has more accessibility to mobile networking and usage through state-of-the-art smartphones, propels us towards the innovation of IT as they provide human-centric services, social research and market-oriented research.

And as Mr. John Peter Ruero said, "What you don't know about IT security will hurt you." This saying is from the fact that there are many holes in the computer industry where one could be damaged unknowingly through digital means. There are many cyber attacks that keep happening around the globe, and some are that of grand scales. Attacks such as these require a very intricate process and a very careful strategy. Due to these, they are trying to raise the awareness of computer users for their cybersecurity using various ways such as the JISSA and the CADeT Program.

These are only few of the topics discussed during the seminar, and there were various IT professionals who served as speakers. Information would surely be processed and received in attending the seminar. Technology is the future, and progress is the present. For the youth is the cornerstone of the future, the youth is the foundation of greater accomplishments.

Written by Janine Mayuga