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Arielle Nicole Papa

International Baccalaureate,

Class 2011-2012

"In the face of immense pressure and uncertainty that came with undertaking a Bachelors degree abroad, the structure of Southville-International Baccalaureate classes helped me learn how to best manage my time; and the 5Cs of Southville shaped my attitude towards personal and professional pursuits. Character and Commitment to Achieve kept me grounded and focused." read more>>

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Southville Preschool Division Reveals Art Tilt Winners

The Early Childhood Education Division (ECED) proudly announces the winners of the 2016 Painting with Mom and Dad, an annual contest showcasing the amazing artistic talents of Pre-Kinder, Junior Kinder and Senior Kinder students and their parents. The purpose of the contest was to stimulate the artistic talents of the youngsters while strengthening parent-child bonds.

The major winners are:
First Place: Yun Jaewon (Senior Kinder Amber)
Second Place: Katharina Marie Ababa (Junior Kinder Purple)
Third Place: Felicia Idalia Sogitao (Pre-Kinder Yellow)

The class winners are:
Daytanun Sawasdirak - Pre-Kinder Yellow
Charlotte Morrison Jofre - Pre-Kinder Blue
Michael Vincent Bernabe - Junior Kinder Orange
Marcus Emmanuel Sybingco - Junior Kinder Purple
Hanna Kobayashi - Junior Kinder Green
Aedam Henry Bucad - Senior Kinder Lime
Princess Maia Bensani - Senior Kinder Indigo
Princess Fiona Casador - Senior Kinder Peach
Luke Raymond Jimenez - Senior Kinder Amber
Zieg Armildez - Senior Kinder Aqua