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First Grader Wins in International Art Competition

Gianna O. de Mesa of Gr. 1 - Marie Curie was awarded a certificate of recognition at the recently concluded 2016 Peace and Cooperation School Award international art competition. It is organized annually by the Spanish Foundation for Peace and Cooperation, a Madrid-based non-governmental organization that works to promote a movement of non-violence and creativity to build a world of solidarity.

de Mesa’s drawing was chosen by an international jury from among thousands of art works submitted by students and teachers from various countries.The theme for the competition was ‘“Don Quixote or the force of the utopia, preparing the future” and the line from the novel “Each person is the author of their own adventure.”

Gianna used oil pastels and watercolor in her mixed media artwork she entitled “Vouloir, c’est pouvoir” (If you want to, you can do it) which is about will power. The painting depicts her triumph as the school’s pageant winner because of the people who motivated her and her own will power. It also expresses her creative talent and fine drawing skills.