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Atty. Jeanne Carla Ferrer

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Class 2004-2005

"There was a perfect balance between academic and non-academic activities in Southville. While we were taught to excel in our schoolwork, we were also molded to become well-rounded individuals through numerous school events and activities that are full of life lessons." read more>>

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Southville's Young Entrepreneurs Persevere Despite Rainy Weather

January 24, 2017 - Grade 6 students of Southville International School and Colleges welcomed 2017 by hosting an Entrep bazaar at the Luxembourg Walkway, practicing their skills in entrepreneurship as they commence yet another year of learning and growth.

Bazaars have always been a primary event in Southville as it allows students to participate in as they advance to become leaders in the global community.

In this bazaar, students showcased a wide array of food products, novelty items and enjoyable games that showed their creativity and ability to identify market trends.

Entrep Bazaar of Southville Six Graders

Entrep Bazaar of Southville Six Graders

Entrep Bazaar of Southville Six Graders

As a top business school in the Philippines, Southville ensures that all its students, starting from Nursery up to College, are equipped with money management and entrepreneurial skills through class programs like Financial Literacy, Business, Entrepreneurship, Math of Investment and Personal Finance.

Written by: Angela Zipagan