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Students Win at Southville English Festival

Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) celebrated its first English Festival with the theme ―Empowering 21st Century Learners through Language and Growth Mindset.‖ Organized by the English Department, various activities were lined up for Grades 3 – 12 students to live the language in a fun setting.

They engaged in various contests to show their competence in communicating in English while showcasing their natural talents.

Through this festival, students were encouraged and rewarded for reading, writing and speaking the universal language. They are able to understand people from other nations and cultures better, and develop a positive attitude towards literature.

The festival ended with an awards ceremony in which student speakers, writers and artists are recognized for their accomplishments. The winners are:

Grade 3

Spelling Bee (Munich)
- Chiara Monique Hernandez (Champion)
- Juan Alfonso Lobien (1st Runner-up)
- Kim Dae Heon (2nd Runner-up)

Spelling Bee (STAR)
- Andre Christian Tuason (Champion)
- Martha Therese Pinca (1st Runner-up)
- Ivan Matthew Eijthoven (2nd Runner-up)

Impromptu Speaking (Munich)
- Kalel Terroza (Champion)
- Sofia May Emerald Jumao-as (1st Runner-up)
- Andrew Justin Orquiza (2nd Runner-up)

Impromptu Speaking (STAR)
- Cassiana Prats (Champion)

Poetry Writing (Munich)
- Park Seohui (Champion)
- Aranthza Celine Hernandez (1st Runner-up)
- Jassley Fatima Espiritu (2nd Runner-up)

Poetry Writing (STAR)
- Alyzia Micah Pedro (Champion)
- Jack Grady Jofre (1st Runner-up)
- Andre Christian Tuason (2nd Runner-up)

Short Story Writing (Munich)
- Avianna Lorelee Chaplin (Champion)
- Jewel Corpuz (1st Runner-up)
- Kenichi Maruyama (2nd Runner-up)

Short Story Writing (STAR)
- Cassiana Prats (Champion)
- Alyzia Micah Pedro (1st Runner-up)
- Charlie James Howell (2nd Runner-up)

Grade 4

Spelling Bee (Munich)
- Eden Kim (Champion)
- Sophia Marie Lausingco (1st Runner-up)
- Boris Nathaniel Principe (2nd Runner-up)

Spelling Bee (STAR)
- Ernesto Joaquin Salgado (Champion)
- Jamir Balela (1st Runner-up)
- Jose Antonio Masilungan (2nd Runner-up)

Impromptu Speaking (Munich)
- Vince Santos (Champion)
- Kim Mu Jin (1st Runner-up)
- Ryou Hamada (2nd Runner-up)

Impromptu Speaking (STAR)
- Juan Bermudez (Champion)
- Hans Philip See (1st Runner-up)
- Francis Raphael Granaderos (2nd Runner-up)

Poetry Writing (Munich)
- Tiffany Sawaki (Champion)
- Sophia Helena Carpio (1st Runner-up)
- Enzo Van Der Tak (2nd Runner-up)

Poetry Writing (STAR)
- River Ypon (Champion)
- Isabel Helaena Telebrico (1st Runner-up)
- Seong Mi Song (2nd Runner-up)

Short Story Writing (Munich)
- Kate Buño (Champion)
- Athena Sullano (1st Runner-up)
- Liam Daniel Mead (2nd Runner-up)

Short Story Writing (STAR)
- Cassiana Prats (Champion)
- Naobi Daphne Cacapit (1st Runner-up)
- Ma. Guadalupe Macalma (2nd Runner-up)

Grade 5

Spelling Bee
- Marie Gabrielle Mhanna (Champion)
- Kim Jiin (1st Runner-up)
- Haruna Takeuchi (2nd Runner-up)

Impromptu Speaking
- Mia Madelleine Torres (Champion)
- Aya Kelly Ang (1st Runner-up)
- Enzo Raies (2nd Runner-up)

Poetry Writing
- Alex Francis Fusingan (Champion)
- Lauren Masilungan(1st Runner-up)
- Reana Shayne Manalo (2nd Runner-up)

Short Story Writing
- Tiffany Sawaki (Champion)
- Mathew Cabiles (1st Runner-up)
- Isabella Castillo (2nd Runner-up)

Grade 6

Spelling Bee
- Sophia Yansin Forgy (Champion)
- Xriszenne Teng (1st Runner-up)
- Shane Climacosa (2nd Runner-up)

Impromptu Speaking
- Chelcy Meneses (Champion)
- Finbarr Murphy (1st Runner-up)
- Alisha Harith (2nd Runner-up)

Poetry Writing
- Beatrix Yutadco (Champion)
- Tyrulf Ekberg(1st Runner-up)
- Jacob Lain Day (2nd Runner-up)

Short Story Writing
- Alisha Harith (Champion)
- Karla Chatziandreou (1st Runner-up)
- Kkshitij Kumaarr (2nd Runner-up)

Junior High

Poetry Writing
- Dale Pons Gregorio (Champion)
-Venezia de Los Reyes (1st Runner-up)
Short Story Writing
- Ysabel Zurita (Champion)
- Jared Matthew Paguia (1st Runner-up)

Essay Writing
- Argela Malanao (Champion)
- Jeanne Gonzales (1st Runner-up)

Poetry Interpretation
- Miguel Garcia (Champion)
- Inigo Hernandez (1st Runner-up)

Song Interpretation
- Marybel Mendoz(Champion)
- Jasmine Reeves (1st Runner-up)
- Alyza Kim (2nd Runner-up)

Impromptu Speaking
- Katelyn Lee (Champion)
- Cody Lorraway (1st Runner-up)

Spelling Bee
- Gwyneth Tangog (Champion)
- Miguel Alzona (1st Runner-up)

Speech in Character
- Samantha Lobien(Champion)
- Joseph Lopez (1st Runner-up)
- Rueben Byron Maat (2nd Runner-up)

Grade 7

Class Storytelling
- 7-Resilience (Champion)
- 7-Kindness (1st Runner-up)
- 7-Determination (2nd Runner-up)

Grade 8

Readers' Theater
- 8-Justice (Champion)
- 8-Integrity (1st Runner-up)
- 8-Joy (2nd Runner-up)

Grade 9

Dance Interpretation
- 9-Harmony (Champion)
- 9-Compassion (1st Runner-up)
- 9-Diligence (2nd Runner-up)

Most Outstanding Literary Central Park Design
- Grade 9

Overall Champion - Grade 7

Senior High School

Poetry Writing
- Mirielle Gianna Mintu (Champion)
- Sophia Tugano (1st Runner-up)

Short Story Writing
- Giana San Buenaventura (Champion)
- Gabriel Gallardo (1st Runner-up)

Essay Writing
- Matthew Sybingco (Champion)
- Marigail Usana (1st Runner-up)

Poetry Interpretation
- Alexandra Derpo(Champion)
- Gabrielle Anindito (1st Runner-up)
- Pythea Cabagnot (2nd Runner-up)

Song Interpretation
- Nina Basilio (Champion)
- Mariam Aburrayan (1st Runner-up)
- Matthew Auditor (2nd Runner-up)

Impromptu Speaking
- Diane Blay (Champion)
- Joey Kim (1st Runner-up)
- Ahn Geon (1st Runner-up)

Spelling Bee
- Robert Rivera (Champion)
- Aurelio Garcia, Jr. (1st Runner-up)

Speech in Character
- Elaine Capili (Champion)
- Mcnicole Villaruel (1st Runner-up)
- Marietoni Rogacion (2nd Runner-up)

Grade 10 Speech Choir Competition
- 10 Commitment (Champion)
- 10 Prudence (1st Runner-up)
- 10 Conviction (2nd Runner-up)

Senior High School Debate Competition
- 11 GAS (Champion)
- 11 ABM (1st Runner-up)
- 11 Stem (2nd Runner-up)
- Sophia Faith Tugano (Best Speaker)

ABM and Stem Video Making Contest
- 11 STEM (Champion)
- 12 STEM (1st Runner-up)
Most Outstanding Literary Central Park Design
- Grade 10

Overall Champion - Grade 10

Grade 10 Commitment Champion in Speech Choir