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Tastiest Internship Ever by Southville BS Entrepreneurship Students

Internship has always been a test to see if students can put into practice the knowledge they have gained in the years of studying in their respective courses. This year, the senior students of BS Entrepreneurship of Southville International School have stepped up the practicum game by handling their own businesses.

As a culmination and implementation of their learning in Entrepreneurship, three food kiosks are put up by eight graduating students to experience entrepreneurial ventures in real world setting.

Prior to the setting up of the food kiosks, the students created an original business concept, developed a business plan, and prepared a detailed description of tasks to be performed regularly. The students took responsibility of all aspects of their business including capital, rent, purchasing, production, setup, pricing, and promotion. After each selling day, the students conduct daily inventory and sales report to monitor revenue.

On your next food hunt to the Southville Food Court, try the following kiosks and tell us what you think.

Hana & Kimi

The first kiosk of Grace De Leon and Aiko Yoshimura, offers the ultimate Japanese comfort food: Takoyaki. With an original recipe, the duo spent months perfecting their Takoyaki, with flavors in Original Squid, Chocolate and Cheese.

“We wanted to bring a little of Japan to Southville so we are selling Takoyaki, a very famous food in Osaka, Japan,” said Aiko Yoshimura.

Hana & Kimi

Cold Coats Bingsu Shop

The second kiosk sells the favorite Korean dessert, Bingsu. With a mascot and stereo system playing their very own theme song, the food stall of Davy Dalawampu, Sandra Santos, and Thalia Gevaña certainly attracts a lot of customers clamoring for “the best ice cream in Southville” in various flavors including mango, strawberry, and chocolate.

Cold Coats Bingsu


Another crowd favorite is the third kiosk of Joohong Park, Matthew Ramos and Nicole Catolico. The trio offers “chicken bites to go” served with your drink choice in the same cup. The flavors come in similar fashion as french fries, namely cheese, BBQ, sour cream and korean.

“Business is tiring but fun, especially when customers enjoy the product and when they keep coming back,” said Nicole Catolico.