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Southville Monarchs Wins ISAC Girls’ Soccer Championship

Southville International School and Colleges girls’ soccer team won this year’s championship in the most prestigious sports tournament among the international schools in the country, International Schools Activities Conference (ISAC) held in Brent International School - Baguio last March 30-31, 2017.

With goals that won the game from Maria Rosario Josette Aurelio, the Monarchs team bested teams from six other international schools in the Philippines namely Brent International School-Manila, Brent International School-Baguio, Brent International School-Subic, Cebu International School, British School Manila, and Faith Academy Mindanao.

“Words can't explain our joy! First time in ISAC history that Southville Girls Soccer got the championship! We won 1-0 over the six-year champions British School Manila,” said Coach Rea Villa, the Athletics Director of Southville International School and Colleges.

ISAC Trophy

The travelling ISAC trophy will stay at the Monarchs territory for a year. It shows the 10-year legacy of ISAC champions and a 1st for Southville.

In her Facebook post, Coach Rea dedicated the win to the past Monarchs soccer athletes and coaches and thanked the 15-girl line up for their dedication to training, commitment to achieve and bring honor to the school and to themselves.

“It has been ages ago when both Southville teams qualify for the playoffs in one ISAC season and finally the girls’ soccer and boys’ basketball did after 2 tough days of competition here at Brent Baguio. The coaches and I can't explain the feeling we have now. I am very proud of the 25-athlete contingent and to the hardworking coaches Rory Mansbridge, Francisco de Boer and Dave Lozano!”

Monarchs Boys’ Football Team

The Monarchs Boys’ Football Team, on the other hand, bagged the 2nd runner-up award in the 2nd season of the International Schools Activities Conference (ISAC) last January at Brent International-Subic. They beat Brent International School Manila 2-0 with solid goals from Chris Hall and Miguel Santos.

Southville is very proud of the following monarchs who gave their all representing the school in the said conference:

• Urara Ishiwatari
• Aira Sison
• Althea Borrinaga
• Daniella Albano
• Chioma Ajah
• Risa Villa
• Janette Bandal
• Josette Aurelio
• Joyce Burhan
• Daze Zbinden
• Allyzza Relatado
• Malina Hill
• Wei Xin Teng
• Catherine Jenkins
• Clarice Gaw Gonzalo