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A Milestone of Care – SISC College of Nursing Celebrates its 10th

Ten years ago, 2007 SISC College held its first clinical and academic graduation ceremony at the Luxembourg Hall. All 90 candidates stood proud to be recognized as the pioneering batch of Southville’s College of Nursing, known by their chosen name Nightingales of St. Catherine.

Ten years later with close to 820 successful graduates, the College of Nursing had succeeded in delivering their promise of quality nursing education within the context of small local college. Being a new college it stood relatively strong among the giants. It stood steadfast in refusing to allow less than desired standards in terms of quality of instruction and the provision for learning both in the classroom and clinical practice.

Thriving well through the years the College of Nursing had carved a niche of its own. Gradually gaining a name as a school of choice South of Manila for offering a BSN program that adequately prepares future RNs to be locally as well a globally competitive within a nurturing learning environment, SISC’s reputation is formidable. It has consistently produce top notch Board exam passers locally for the past three years and earning remarkable US NCLEX passing records as well.

Early on, this brand had echoed in a few states of North America where Filipino American families had an option to have their children finish a nursing course overseas. One attraction of which was not only the economic benefits but also the opportunity for their western-bred children, with a fairly affluent lifestyle could immerse themselves in the realities of a simple Filipino way of life. There has been remarkable transformation in most if not all students especially in the nursing program’s outreach activities serving our poor urban communities. And SISC being an English speaking campus, with a fairly diverse student population from basic education to college has made the transition of foreign-born nationals more favorable.

“Our graduates are now in many parts of the world in varied fields of endeavor. Equipped with the 5Cs, as nurses, our graduates have ventured into many specialized fields: critical care…emergency & trauma…community health …the academe…advance practice as nurse anesthetist , gerontology…even the operating room nurses training as robotic experts. Some graduates chose to extend their studies in medicine…some now doing their residency & specializations. Others chose to be entrepreneurs and are managing their interests successfully. And there are even some who chose to be pilots,…lawyers …and many other interesting fields” claims Dean Carmel Villegas, who has found the nursing academe as an extremely fulfilling career after 26 years of clinical practice here and abroad. - CAV