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Miguel Calayan

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Finalist, Tribeca Film Festival

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College of Nursing’s Tour of Metro Museums: Looking at the Past, the Present and Opening Possibilities

For the second semester of AY 2016-2017, the planned BSN outdoor activity was a tour of three distinct museums in the vicinity of nearby Pasay City. Last February 8, 2017 the entire BSN student body ably accompanied by seven faculty members were off to a fun and out of the ordinary experience – a welcome break from the rigors of serious classroom work and clinical duties.

The tour started with the concept of opening possibilities. The Upside Down Museum brought in the perspective of always keeping an open mind and enhanced the core value of creativity. Nursing practice requires one to be dynamic, flexible and resourceful in making sound judgments. The students also learned how to develop collaborative thinking as they were challenged to come up with interesting pictures with no less than six persons in a frame which fostered camaraderie and the College’s team spirit.

The next museum, Co Tek Tai Medical Museum was an experience about revisiting the past. An eye-opening lecture by the museum’s curator highlighted the importance of history within the idea of preserving artifacts from the past as an important medium to make sense of the relationship between cause and effect in the overall development of human societies. The students gained particular insights on the development of healthcare in the Philippines which made them appreciate the bigger picture of humanity’s progress.

The final museum stop was the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Museum. Despite their tiredness, the students did not want to miss walking through the various galleries that displayed Philippine coins, paper notes, medals, artifacts and monetary items depicting different historical periods. The short overview lecture also highlighted a socio-economic perspective presenting the underpinnings of critical issues like price stability and sustained economic growth in the country, a current matter relevant to all.

The day ended with students physically drained yet energized about their added learning experience.