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BSN Alumni’s Business Venture Success

Mr. Rebo Castñeda, from SISC BSN Class of 2007, now a successful entrepreneur made possible a nostalgic reunion last May 3, 2017 with College of Nursing past and present faculty members. It was quite fitting as the occasion was in celebration of the College of Nursing’s 10th year anniversary.

Rebo, who just turned 30-years old, was an outstanding member of the pioneering class. He was known to be the ‘smart-one’ because while his classmates labored for hours during a term exam, he would just spend around 20 minutes and still make the highest marks. He remains to be soft-spoken, humble and down-to-earth. After ten years he has kept in touch with most of his batch mates and makes sure to regularly meet up with his close SISC friends.

His success story started when he bravely took on a family farm business and expanded exponentially, partnering with a fully integrated poultry company to this point where he is now actively collaborating with other entrepreneurs developing new market expansion strategies nationwide.

The faculty members spent the day touring his high-tech chicken farm and his fruit & vegetable orchard in the very scenic Mount Malarayat in Lipa, Batangas. It was another proud moment for the College of Nursing to come across a successful alumni thriving in the entrepreneurial field. CAV