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College of Nursing Champions of 2017 SISC Street Dance Competition

February 18, 2017 - The fourth-year students of the College of Psychology of Southville International School and Colleges participated in the Peer Facilitators’ Inter-University Assembly 2017 with the theme “Peer Facilitators as Advocates for Mental Health” at the University of Santo Tomas, Espana, Manila.

The seminar was organized by the UST Counseling and Career Center. The first session of the seminar embarked upon Mental Health Awareness. Ms. Theresa Jane P. Bruno, Chair of Peer Facilitators Inter-University Assembly, discussed mental health illness and the contribution of physiological, behavioural, and cognitive functioning in one’s state of psychological well-being. Ms. Theresa also explained the existing stigma of using mental disorders as adjectives in describing deviant individuals and situations. This had been a relevant issue significantly witnessed particularly in social media and other forms of communication media. After the first talk, participants were tasked to form groups and to discuss the presented questions related to factors affecting mental illness and how to cope up with them. The groups shared and presented enlightening and instructive concepts.

The second part of the seminar focused on Suicide Awareness in which the speaker, Prof. Lucila O. Bance, Director of Counseling and Career Center, presented the myths and facts regarding suicide issues and statistical estimation regarding suicide incidents. Prof. Lucila imparted certain guidelines on how to handle suicide situations and be an instrument to prevent the completion of suicide. After the talk, an open-forum was held in order for the participants to ask general and personal questions about the topic. Similarly, informative and beneficial concepts were tackled.

Mental health is really a fundamental aspect of our existence as it covers how we interact with other people, how we act on a daily basis, and how to strive to fulfil our goals and objectives. It is a serious matter that needs immediate and guarded responses. And we, as Peer Facilitators, have significant roles in practicing psychological measures in potentially overcoming the existing negative stigma about mental disorders as advocates of Mental Health.