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Dr. Marvin Jino Bugna

High School,

Class 2004-2005

"Southville trained me to become a responsible and disciplined person. It helped me become a good leader in many ways. It taught me the importance of helping others and studying hard in order to get good grades. Applying the 5C’s (Competence, Character, Collaboration, Creativity and Commitment to Achieve) and 5S’s (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) that Southville taught me was a great help that made a big impact and difference in my life in becoming a doctor." read more>>

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College of Nursing Champions of 2017 SISC Street Dance Competition

The Mock Board Exams or Validating Examination is one of the requirements of BS Psychology graduating students. It is defined as an exam taken as practice before an official examination. The mock board exams of the BS Psychology students of Sotuhville International School and Colleges was composed of four psychology subjects namely, Psychological Assessment, Theories of Personality, Abnormal Psychology, and Industrial Psychology. Each subject consists of 200 items and the passing score would have to be 80 percent out of 100 percent. The exams were to prepare the students who would be taking the Board Licensure Examination for Psychologists and Psychometricians (BLEPP) this coming October 29, 2017.

It had been a pure feeling of nervousness and anxiousness when the graduating students have known that the mock board exam would be taken on February 17, 2017, Friday. Weeks before the said date, students prepared for this mind battling event. Studying had been tripled in effort to review and study, time management was indeed needed for this week. It was difficult to study everyday due to hectic schedule as everyone was enrolled in practicum and had to report Mondays to Fridays for at their internship. Various students had grouped themselves in studying and sharing ideas and information regarding each subject. It was advised by their very own Dean Ruel A. Cajili to eat nutritious food especially those who help activate neurons. It was very stressful for everyone, hence, they were all hoping that this would all be worth it and the results would be as satisfactory as everyone was hoping for.

A day before the exams, everyone was in complete distress. Students have told their supervisors in their OJT’s that they would not be reporting that day in order to focus on just reviewing. Each student had been a witness of the excruciating pain of studying from morning until late at night.

On February 17, 2017, the exam started at 8am and ended at 5pm. There were students who have been early in school to set the mood and the aura of the testing area. Many of the students had brought snacks with them as advised by Dean Ruel A. Cajili: take note, nutritious snacks.

The first subject was Psychological Assessment and according to batch 2016, this was the most difficult one. And how right they were! The second subject was Theories of Personality, and based on the students’ personal assessment, this was the easiest subject so far. The third subject was Abnormal Psychology; students had focused reviewing with this subject because of the complex definitions of the disorders. Then here comes the last subject, Industrial Psychology. Many had assessed this subject as the second difficult subject, maybe because it was the last exam and all of the students were already exhausted. By the end of the day the students still managed to joke around and had time to release stress. Everyone was hoping for 100 percent passing rate.

Another one week of thrill and excitement was felt by the students. It was because the results would be given a week after the exam date. It was a mental torture for everyone, another sleepless nights of anxiousness and wonder if all will pass the validating exam. Monday, February 27, 2017, the student numbers were already posted outside Sir Ruel’s office, but then transport strike happened. Classes were suspended in SISC and of course Psychology graduating students weren’t happy about it. Then some of the fourth year students had decided to ask Sir Ruel if he would be available that day and fortunately he answered that he is available that day. The fourth year students then rushed to go to school to know the results of the exam.

Fortunately God is with every one of them giving them the scores that they deserve. He knew that everyone had worked hard in studying and the fourth year students got the rate of 100 percent passing!

“I was on cloud nine!” is the best way to describe the feelings of the students who had passed the exam.

God is good all the time!