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Psychology Days: “WE CAN BE HEROES

It’s been a tradition to Southville International School and College’s BS Psychology Department to celebrate themed Psychology Days in every academic year. This significant event fosters camaraderie and competence among the students, officers, faculty and dean, by working hand in hand in organizing an event that aims to showcase talents, strengthen the bonds and relationships, and serve as a breather from current academic loads and responsibilities.

Themed “We Can Be Heroes”, this year’s Psychology Days was a two-day activity was held on February 28, 2017 to March 1, 2017 at the premise of SISC. This was the first time that the College of Psychology celebrated the event for two consecutive days that enliven more the psychology spirit in the campus. Each day of the program was marked by exciting games and segments specially prepared by the assigned committees.

The first day of the event began with the Oath Taking of PsychSociety Officers. The next portion was the Psych Got Talent (PGT) highlighting the Psychology students’ talents in singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and even impersonating. PGT also served as an energizer and set the bar higher of what more can be expected in the next segments to come. The next part was the Amazing Race, wherein there were set of activities that must be accomplished by the designated groups: Team Watson (Yellow) with Faculty: Ms. Dee, Ms. Juli-ann, and Sir Obet, Team Maslow (Red) with Faculty: Ms. Lalie and Sir Rex, Team Piaget (Blue) with Faculty: Dean Ruel and Sir Tito, and Team Freud (Green) with Faculty: Sir Mark Paulo, Ms. Belen, and Ms. Ghie. The activities in this part require ample amount of energy since all teams compete in a time-based method. There were four stations and each has a designated task that members should accomplish. Once all stations were finished, their time of completions were recorded and compared as a basis of who will win the race. This paved the opportunity for the students to bond with each other from first year up to fourth year. Lunch was not skimped on and the students enjoyed and savoured buffet for lunch.

The afternoon session of day one was dedicated to the awarding of certificates to Top Psychology Students and all those who contributed in making the celebration possible through any means. It was to give recognition to all efforts that made the program a memorable part of the semester. The winners of the Psych Got Talent and Amazing Race winners were announced and awarded, as well. The Psych Got Talent (PGT) winners were Gwen Tint, KV Cantillas, and Mary Marco (third place), Joey Garcia (second place), and Ainrand Uy (first place). A plaque of recognition was also given to Ms. Ghie Mata, the Psychology Society Moderator, for her efforts and valuable contributions for the event. The finale part of the program was the film showing wherein students all gathered to watch a movie and bond with each other. The film viewed was “Moana”, a computer animated, musical adventure film about the journey of a spirited teenager as she embarks on a quest across the Pacific Ocean to her people and tribe. After the film, Dean Ruel Cajili, delivered a message showing his gratitude of how the event turned out during the first day. During the adjournment, it is apparent that this event served as a memorable part of the college life in the BS Psychology department. A short meeting for all fourth-year students was held as tomorrow will be the marked as the Pinning Ceremony for all graduating students.

The second day of the event began with the pinning ceremony of the graduating students in which they were given psychology pins to acknowledge their dedication in attaining the fourth-year of their college degree. These pins also symbolize the continuous effort, support and guidance of parents to their children as they graduate and accomplish their degrees. Incorporated with this is the Commendation rite, where psychology alumni particularly who passed the Psychometrician Board Exam were given awards and certificates to acknowledge their excellent efforts and performance in bringing a pride to psychology department.

The pinning ceremony was followed with a seminar entitled “Millenials as RPms: The Know-How” led by Mr. Benny Soliman, a colleague of the Dean Ruel Cajili. The seminar embarked upon the subjects and topics for board exams that were beneficial for graduating students who plan to take the boards after graduation. Sir Benny shared a lot of practical tips and review strategies that were relevant for the board exam.

In the afternoon was the much-awaited event of Binibining Sikolohiya. This was the first ever pageant held by the psychology department to introduce beauty and the advocacy of promoting mental health awareness. This was a very witty and memorable event as it introduced a unique way of beauty ideals. The contestants also prepared with so much effort and contended to the best of their abilities that made the program tremendously entertaining. Chelsea Nicole Coventry was crowned as the first Binibining Sikolohiya and the new beauty ideal of promoting mental health awareness not just in the SISC campus but even outside context.