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Arielle Nicole Papa

International Baccalaureate,

Class 2011-2012

"In the face of immense pressure and uncertainty that came with undertaking a Bachelors degree abroad, the structure of Southville-International Baccalaureate classes helped me learn how to best manage my time; and the 5Cs of Southville shaped my attitude towards personal and professional pursuits. Character and Commitment to Achieve kept me grounded and focused." read more>>

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Southville Homegrown Accepted into 5 Top Schools in US and Asia

With its commitment to developing and equipping lifelong learners to be globally competitive, Southville International School and Colleges is very proud to announce that the graduates of Basic Education Class 2017 will be joining the premiered universities around the globe.

Chan Hee Lee of High School Class 2017, is set to take Chemical Engineering at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Aside form KAIST, Chan Hee was also accepted into four more universities, namely, the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Singapore Management University (SMU), New York University and University of California, San Diego.

Since his grade school days, Chan Hee never cease to amaze everyone as he balanced his academic life with sports and other interests. He was one of the top medalist in a number of Math competitions here and abroad. He was a player for the school’s basketball team, Vice-President at Southville Basic Education Student Council for 2016-2017, and a POUCH program donor.

“Playing in basketball varsity team filled be with competence and endurance that aided me throughout my high school life. Furthermore, the POUCH program made a big impact in my life. This program taught me how to sympathize with others and be more responsible in my actions,” he shared.

In a special correspondence, Chan Hee also shared his secret to success was not studying hard, but studying smart.

“Instead of grudging about studying for math exams, enjoy reviewing the things you learn. It will give you an easier time studying. Also, this may sound trivial but I think planning ahead is very critical in studying. Planning ahead made me to utilize my time efficiently, allowing me to have more time to rest instead of cramming the night before exams.”

Chan Hee is a true testament of Southville’s commitment in preparing its students in gaining acceptance into top local and foreign universities – ready to be exemplary movers of society anywhere in the world.