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Southville Ballerinas Score High in Australian Conservatoire Assessment

“We are proud to say that ACTS Manila @ Southville not only clocked in 100 percent passing results but also garnered honours,” expresses Ms. Jan Manlapig, Ballet Director, in a recent interview as she shares the wonderful journey of the ballerinas during the course of the summer break where selected students underwent an assessment under Australian Conservatoire of Ballet (ACB).

Established in 1991 by Christine Walsh AM and Ricardo Ella, The Australian Conservatoire of Ballet is renowned for its strong professional ballet training and passing their assessment is one of the highlights of any ballerina as the exam entails rigid training and focus.

Maria Adriana Castro, was awarded Level 2 Distinction while Elydy Mace Fernandez and Naomi Rei Francisco were given the Level 2 Highly Commended and Level 2 Commended respectively.

Acts Manila @ Southville is one of the programs of the school that supports the students’ development of multiple intelligences, knowing that exposing learners to various fields will further help them develop not only their creativity but also discipline and character.

Last year, the school’s ballerinas also aced the fourth Philippine Dance Cup They placed fifth in the Junior Ensemble Division, 8- 9 years old, Classical Category with a piece entitled God’s Girl. In the Senior Ensemble Division, the SISC dancers also bagged fifth place in the Classical Category with their rendition of The Fight Song.

When asked about their experiences, students are candid as they share what a journey it has been as they prepped for the ACB Assessment.

Maria Adriana Castro,
Age 11, Distinction, Prep Level 1, 2015 , Distinction, Level 2, 2017

My ACB experience taught that me no matter how nervous you are, you will still be able to do what you love, if you just enjoy it. I remember when I entered the examination room, I was absolutely terrified. I couldn't concentrate. When I turned to the barre, all I was thinking was, "Don't mess up. Remember to keep your legs straight. Pull up. Follow the timing. Point your toes." It was like a thousand voices were nagging me in my head.

Eventually, I relaxed, and danced my jitters off. I really began to enjoy what I was doing, and the smile plastered on my face became a real one. Concluding the exam was a test for theory, which meant I would be quizzed on my knowledge of terms in ballet. It was the part of the exam I feared the most. Butterflies once again fluttered. In the end, all the studying paid off. I answered correctly and did well in the overall exam. I received a good grade, and I also learned that if you really just enjoy yourself and have fun, your worries won't matter anymore.

Elydy Mace Fernandez, Age 16
Highly Commended, Level 2

As a ballet dancer, participating in the ACB exam was a great privilege for me. It gave me an opportunity to perform to the best of my ability. I put all of my heart, energy, and time, together with hardwork and passion to our training in preparation for the exam. Even if it was my first time, I did not let my nervousness to devour and distract me. Instead, I challenged myself to do better and aimed for great remarks from the examiner.

Naomi Rei Francisco, Age 18
Commended, Level 2

Taking up the ACB exam was a learning experience. Though learning the steps and improving technique were important, it was more than that. It required discipline and perseverance, and it helped shape my character. I am grateful for having the opportunity to take the exam. My ballet teacher always tells us that though a high grade or a medal would be nice, it is not the goal. Rather, it is about giving our best for the glory of our Father. What we aimed for were the lessons that we learned, not only as a dancer, but also as a person. There is a quote that says, "It is about the journey, not the destination." The highlight of my ACB experience was the journey going through it all and conquering it.

Janellah Arabela Santos, Age 8

My first ACB exam experience was challenging. Before the day of the exam I got a high fever, my parents and I thought I won't be able to attend the exam anymore. We prayed to Papa Jesus to make me well. On the actual day , I was a bit well already but still nervous. When I went inside the exam room, little by little I started to enjoy it. During the exam I committed some mistakes, but from those mistakes I learned from it. With all the hardwork I put into my practices before the exam, I got a "highly commended" evaluation in the end. With the help of prayers, and my ballet teachers, and support from my family, I am ready to move on.

ACTS Manila has been conducting ballet lessons in Southville since 2011 and holds the annual recitals at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. For details and inquiries, email or call 825-2358 loc. 100 and look for Elyds.