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Five-Star Hotel Commends Tourism Student

Standing five feet flat and smaller than most intern applicants, Julian Tabara, of Southville International School and Colleges College of Tourism, broke the stereotype that only those gifted with good heights will do well in the hotel industry. In fact, she was able to rise up and grab the internship slot.

"There were quite a number of applicants from different universities. At that point, I was feeling anxious seeing those beautiful girls with perfect height, and asking myself if I should turn back and look for another hotel. But no, I told myself, I had to do it and believe in what I can do," Anne shared in an interview. Anne was shortlisted because of her proficiency in the use of the English language. Further she made a good impression during the interview for being professional looking which she attributed to the training she underwent in Miss Nancy de Guia's class. "My most memorable experience in my practicum at Acacia was to host the Acoustic Night for VIP Guests. I was asked by the Front Office Manager to conceptualize the event together with other practicumers and to my surprise, they also asked me to host the program which is a first among their interns since they do not ask interns to do the hosting." Anne said that the skills she learned in school opened a lot of opportunities for her. She was even offered a job at the luxury hotel after graduation. "I want to thank Southville International School and Colleges for all the preparation given us that I was able to use throughout my internship days. Special shout out to Miss Nancy, my Front Office subject professor! All that she taught was essential to my Acacia experience. Kudos to Southville for preparing us for preparing us for the real world," Anne exclaimed.