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Atty. Akemi Aida

High School,

Class 2004-2005

"Southville provided me endless opportunities to unlock my potentials. Its academic and non-academic activities enabled me to be a well-rounded student. Undoubtedly, Southville helped me prepare for the real life. " read more>>

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Southville Celebrates 27 Years of Delivering Quality International Education

Southville International School and Colleges, one of the premiere international schools in the country, celebrated its 27th Foundation Month this September 2017.

Southville, founded as a "special school for the intellectually gifted," toasted its 27 years of excellent track record in gaining acceptance into top local and foreign universities and continuous growth as an educational institution. The celebration was also in honor and appreciation to all students and alumni, their parent and guardians, the teachers and the staff, and the administrators for their invaluable contributions in making Southville the success that it is today, and aims to be in the future.

Celebrating 26 years of high quality international education, Southville hosted various cultural and educational presentations and activities that reflect the genuine international nature of the school community.