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Rock of Ages

In October 2016, the AB Communications students fully organized and produced their own rendition of 2012 musical film, Rock of ages for their Theatre Arts class project, directed by their professor Ms. Maui.

The play follows the lives of people whose lives revolve around the epic and intense world of Rock n Roll. A small town girl, Sherrie Christian (played by Hannah Magpayo) a small town girl who moves to Los Angeles to fulfill her dream of becoming a famous singer. Upon arriving in LA, she come across a roch and roll bar, and falls in love with the world of rock and roll, and a budding musician, Drew Boley (played by Ivan Zape). Lonny (played by Jens Baet) and Dennis (John Salvacruz) partners of the bar who are struggling to keep their bar, and rock and roll, alive from the mayor’s wife Patricia Whitmore (played by Gia Gumisad) who is determined to shut down the bar and end rock and roll forever.

For the first time in Theatre Arts history, Ms. Maui decided to use a live band of talented southville students to really stick to the theme of the play. With the amazing lights, live performances and pyrotechnics, it all made for an amazing show that captured the true essence of rock and roll.