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Atty. Jeanne Carla Ferrer

High School,

Class 2004-2005

"There was a perfect balance between academic and non-academic activities in Southville. While we were taught to excel in our schoolwork, we were also molded to become well-rounded individuals through numerous school events and activities that are full of life lessons." read more>>

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I Do Bidoo Bidoo

The AB Communications Theatre Arts class of 2014 put on a production called I Do Bidoo Bidoo. Another original play directed by their professor and alumni Ms. G who had firsthand experience of theatre production during her time as lead role in Miss Saigon.

The story follows a young couple, from different worlds, who unexpectedly become expecting parents after a moment of indiscretion. They have to deal with their outraged parents, who disapprove of the match, before they can get married. Anjo Damiles plays Rock Polotan, a poor nursing student who impregnated his girlfriend and fellow nursing student, Tracy Fuentebella (played by Allysa De Real) who comes from a well off family. Rose Polotan, who is played by Dr. Joanne, is Rock’s mother and runs a catering business with Lilibeth, played by Nessa Lacerna and Vicky, played by Danica Rayos. Her husband Pol Polotan, played by Mr. Norberte, father of Rock who happens to be a one hit wonder composer for a commercial song. Nick Fuentebella, played by Sir Marl Ferenal, Tracey’s father and Elaine Fuentebella, Trace’s mother, played by Dean Felma, and Sir Ruel Cajili as a retired sergeant and Tracey’s grandfather who disapproves of her relationship with Rock. Rock find support in his closeted-gay best friend, Brent (played by Oliver Buiser) who is secretly in love with him.

For the first time, the theatre arts students decided to take their cast from other course departments and even faculty members which made for difficult rehearsals, as it was difficult synchronising everyone’s schedules, however the final result was a huge success and a comedic triumph, gaining huge reactions from the audience.