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Tug-o’-Wits Winners Show Growth Mindset

The Preschool and Grade School Divisions proudly announced the winners of the 2017 Tug-o’- Wits, an annual contest showcasing the academic competence of Senior Kinder to Grade 6 students. The purpose of the contest was to encourage students to raise their interest in learning, achieve academic excellence, and demonstrate a growth mindset. The overall champions are:

Senior Kinder - Edward Jacob Arevalo, Michael Vincent Bernabe and Juana Alexie Villanueva
Grade 1 - Lee Sihyun,  Aedam Henry Bucad, Yamina Aqia Abedin and Khate Alyanah Tulabot
Grade 2 - Ava Isabel Delgado, Gwendolyn Margaret Tangog, Marylind Soledad Mendoza and John Marco Taniedo
Grade 3 - Zerrin Baskan, Ramon Antonio Salvador, Amrita Dash and Seiya Saito
Grade 4 - Juan Lobien, Sophia Nasser, Andrea Nicolas, Andre Arreza and Ryonie Manalo
Grade 5 - Christopher Baldelomar, Owen Sterling, Hans Philip See and Fritz Thomas Stucki
Grade 6 - Jean Henri Versula, John Sigmund Cortez, Robert Jeremiah Rivera and Allen Gimena