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Southville Work and Travel Participants Return from US

Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) delegates to the Work and Travel Program of the U.S. Department of State recently returned from a 3-month exposure trip where they were placed in various work functions.


The delegates were:

1. Bancaso, Diane – BS Information Technology
2. Fernandez, Francis – BS Business Administration
3. Jarina, Kate – AB Communication
4. Go, Kenny – BS Information Technology
5. Ilao, Shiela – BS Information Technology
6. Manalo, Ryan – BS Business Administration
7. Palado, Mariejo – BS Tourism
8. Pasadas, Eric – BS Information Technology
9. Piol, Angelica – BS Pscyhology
10. Roxas, Arveen – BS Information Technology
11. Saberon, Mark Ian – BS Information Technology
12. Saberon, Mark Iole – BS Information Technology
13. San Miguel, Jonicel – BS Information Technology
14. Luna, Mark - BS Information Technology


Now on its 5th year, the Work and Travel Program, through SISC’s Office of Academic Support Services and Student Affairs, continues to share its mission of providing college students learning and earning opportunities abroad while strengthening their character through real-life work participation.