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Arielle Nicole Papa

International Baccalaureate,

Class 2011-2012

"In the face of immense pressure and uncertainty that came with undertaking a Bachelors degree abroad, the structure of Southville-International Baccalaureate classes helped me learn how to best manage my time; and the 5Cs of Southville shaped my attitude towards personal and professional pursuits. Character and Commitment to Achieve kept me grounded and focused." read more>>

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Senior CGS focused on life journey

The High School Graduating Class had its Batch Comprehensive Growth Series (CGS) on January 14 - 16, 2014 with the theme “Moving On: Making a Difference.” The seniors took three days away from campus at the beautiful Covenant House & Retreat Center in Dasmarinas, Cavite to reflect on their collective experience at SISC and have one last hurrah as a graduating class. The retreat offers seniors an opportunity to reflect on their high school experience and look ahead to their years beyond SISC.
The Batch CGS is a time to reflect on issues of identity, community, commitment, and faith. Both personally spiritual and socially unifying, the CGS combines self-discovery with peer acceptance, allows for peer support, and creates a climate of tolerance and acceptance. The retreat includes individual and group times designed to nurture the soul and build solidarity.
The seniors spent time to reflect on the specific role they take in shaping their lives, how the experience of high school has challenged them and helped them grow, as well as how they see themselves as movers of society throughout the rest of their lives. We appeal to the parents of the Grade 11 classes to allow their sons and daughters to join the CGS and experience this life-changing event for themselves.