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Rex Wallen L. Tan

Upper School,

Class 2001

"I’ve had experience living in Spain, England and Australia just on my own – without my parents, starting when I was 14 years old. I was surprisingly well prepared. I had no difficulties adjusting to the cultural differences and I was absolutely ready to handle the independent life..." read more>>

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Southville Welcomes Students for AY 2011-2012

Southville International School and Colleges’ classes for Academic Year 2011-2012 officially opened last June 6, 2011 for College, June 13 for Grades 3 to High School IV and June 14 for Preschool to Grade 2 students.


Excited new and former students once again gave life to the corridors of the newly renovated Luxembourg, Munich and Tropical campuses.


A series of orientation seminars and campus tours were given to new students and their parents prior to the opening of classes. School policies and guidelines, academic programs, curriculum and calendar of activities were discussed. School officers, department heads and faculty members were also introduced.


The assembly also served as a getting-to-know and welcome gathering for the new students. Armed with the knowledge they discovered about the school and new found friendships, students should find it easier facing another academic year full of challenges and learning experiences.