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Southville Alumnus Wins Best Documentary in International Film Tilt

Miguel Calayan, Batch 2008 high school graduate of Southville International School and Colleges (SISC), is currently establishing his name in the international film arena.


The nineteen-year old Southville alumnus had certainly gone a long way from being just a man with a camera. Last year, he won the Best Documentary for his work “Larry Hunt: Bucketman,” a story about a local San Francisco street drummer. This year, he bagged again the Best Documentary award in the Annual Epidemic Film Festival held by the San Francisco-based Academy of Art University. His winning piece entitled “Life Afloat,” is about gymnast Meghan Miller who chases her dream of joining the circus.


Miguel shares:
I pursued this project without a set message. I had assumed it would be about perseverance and sacrifice that comes with grand ambitions, but once I finished my third cut, what came out was something bittersweet but also more authentic. Life Afloat is about this realization that isn't frequently spoken of, but is so deeply universal - that all our dreams, from simple to grand, will always have something missing. There will always be some price.

Currently, Miguel is working on submitting “Life Afloat” to the bigger festivals such as Sundance and Cannes. He is also filming another short film dubbed “Prima” - a narrative about a ballerina who has injured her back and has to cope with the abrupt end to her blooming career. This would hopefully hit the 2012 festival season.

In between these big projects, Miguel works as a cinematographer for his colleague's films and shoots spec commercials. Asked what’s next for this budding film genius, he humbly quips:

“I've been blessed to have a supportive family, and beneath all the success, I have them and God to thank. I’ve grown to love this path I’ve fallen into. With a few film festivals and an award or two, there is no end to the excitement. And the best part? I’ve barely even started.”