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Monarchs Win in Karate Tournament

The Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) Karate contingent brought home a total of eleven medals (three gold, four silver, and four bronze) from the 2nd HICCA Karatedo Tournament held recently.


Hosted by the Philippine Shito Ryu Karatedo Federation, the tournament brought together practitioners in the traditional Shotokan form of the martial art of Karate-Do. The competition was in two categories namely  Kata, which is choreographed patterns of movements, and Kumite, which is sparring.


The medal winners are:

Andrew Cruz - Gold Medal Kumite (Mixed Age) and Silver Medal Kumite (15 - 17)
Ma. Therese Aliño – Gold Medal Kata (12 - 14) and Bronze Medal Kumite
Trixie Archibald - Gold Medal Kumite (12 - 14) and Bronze Medal Kata
Timothy Alarcon - Silver Medal Kata (12 - 14) and Silver Medal Kumite
Johrycel Fernandez – Silver Medal Kata (15 - 17)
Tae Hun Lee – Bronze Medal Kumite (15 - 17)
Gen Mark Tanno – Bronze Medal Kumite (12-14)