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Miguel Calayan

High School, Class 2008

Finalist, Tribeca Film Festival

“As far as Southville goes (or my whole childhood for that matter), I can't really pinpoint the moment when I decided to pursue film. Unlike some of my peers, I didn't grow up knowing I'd want to be behind the camera. All I knew was..." read more>>

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American Vice Consul to Grace SISC Parade of Nations

Mr. Jonathan Earle, Vice Consul of the Embassy of the United States to the Philippines delivering the keynote speech in Southville International School and Colleges annual "Parade of Nations" on October 19, 2009 from 8:00 - 11:00 A.M. in its main gymnasium.

Vice Consul Earle, who was previously a long-time Peace Corps volunteer and a holder of an MBA in International Business, is expected to touch on the theme of the program, "Living and Learning in One World through the 5Cs," in his 2-minute speech to be delivered in front of a crowd of over a thousand students, teachers, and guests in the Monarchs' Gymnasium of its main campus..  The 5Cs, as it is collectively known in Southville is the school's line-up of values integrated in all its activities, to wit: competence, character, collaboration, creativity and commitment to achieve.

The Parade of Nations traditionally opens the festivities for the school's International Week, which is timed to coincide with United Nations Day.  In it, students dress up in the national costume of their assigned country for a grand parade with cultural presentations representing the 6 inhabited continents following thereafter.

Southville also announced that this year's Parade of Nations is meant to show support to the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations with particular focus given to the continent of Africa.  Students have prepared wishes for the problem-ridden continent which will be attached to white balloons.  These balloons will be released at the end of the program for a symbolic show of support to the disparaged people of Africa.