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Rex Wallen L. Tan

Upper School,

Class 2001

"I’ve had experience living in Spain, England and Australia just on my own – without my parents, starting when I was 14 years old. I was surprisingly well prepared. I had no difficulties adjusting to the cultural differences and I was absolutely ready to handle the independent life..." read more>>

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Adopt-a-School Program


As of 2010, the estimated population of the Philippines was  94,0132,200. With the urbanization, the influx of rural people to Metro Manila could not be stopped. This is the reason for the escalation of the number of illegal settlers in Metro Manila.
In Barangay CAA, about 90% of the residents started as illegal settlers. At present, the residents were given “rights”. However, most of the residents who were given rights have “extended” families in their dwellings. The most number of residents in a residence unit of 29 sq.m. is 13 and the least number is 1 in a 20 sq.m. unit. The average number of people who live in a unit is seven (7) people.  

The Adopt-a-School Program Award

Without even knowing that the Department of Education (DepEd) was giving awards to institutions for adopting schools,  SISC added two more schools in its list of beneficiaries.

In 2006, SISC got an invitation to attend the DepEd Awards night in a hotel telling the SISC President, Dr. Marl V. Ferenal that the school is among those that will be receiving an award.

“I was really surprised because SISC was the only school that was given an award. All the other awardees are big companies that sponsor public school activities. The award surely is a proof that even if we do not crow what we are doing for the community, some people notice our initiatives.” Dr. Ferenal said.