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Miguel Calayan

High School, Class 2008

Finalist, Tribeca Film Festival

“As far as Southville goes (or my whole childhood for that matter), I can't really pinpoint the moment when I decided to pursue film. Unlike some of my peers, I didn't grow up knowing I'd want to be behind the camera. All I knew was..." read more>>

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The SISC Community Outreach is dedicated to improving the quality of life for both the youth and adult population of the nearby community, Phase 4 of Barangay BF International in Las Piñas City. The SISC Outreach Program is based on the belief that all people should be granted opportunities to live in a community with a nurturing and caring environment.

It is the intention of the SISC Outreach Program to assist the people of the adopted barangay

  • to become financially independent by providing them with knowledge and skills to earn a living and manage their resources to optimum productive use;
  • to be healthy and live in a healthy, hygienic, and sanitary environment by teaching them to develop healthy life practices and providing them with free medical and dental check-up, free consultation and medical monitoring for pregnant women, free basic medicines and vitamins for babies, children, and adults;
  • to develop love for education by assisting the government in maintaining the reading materials and facilities of the Barangay Reading Center and providing free Reading lessons and tutorials to the students in the Day Care Center; and   
  • become productive, peace-loving citizens by engaging the youth in sports and other productive endeavors; engaging parents in learning how to become responsible parents; and engaging the barangay officials to serve their constituents to the best of their ability.

It is NOT the intention of the SISC Community Outreach Program to give dole-outs to the residents and ultimately make them dependent to the government, NGOs, or other agencies/organizations. We believe in the adage, “Give a man a fish to eat and he will live for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and he will live for a lifetime.”