Southville Launches New Course, BS Industrial Management Engineering

Southville Launches New Course, BS Industrial Management Engineering

Southville International School and Colleges announces a new addition to its college programs, the BS Industrial Management Engineering (IME). The institution has looked into the significance of this program that will cater to the needs of emerging companies that are highly technical in nature. Industrial Management Engineering is a high-end business program with a conjoined technical execution and business implementation ethos. In Southville, the program is tailored into a global context following the success of its CPA Boards, high TOEIC passing rates, transnational education partnerships, and the growing population of its MBA students who are mostly international industry executives. 

IME is a four-year program that features designing management systems, software development, service analysis, technological problem-solving and organizational management. Students can look forward to becoming experts in management decision-making tools and spearhead a multitude of industries upon employment. Southville is the only institution in the South to offer the program based on international standards with the vision to strengthen its pre-existing global linkages in various academic and industry fields such as the expansion of its college division to the Middle East becoming its first Filipino Higher Education Institution. 

The faculty line-up will be joined by experts in different disciplines such as commerce, physics, and engineering and not to mention its dean who is a doctor of business administration. IME is Southville’s pioneer Engineering program in its 16 years of higher education operations and outstanding accreditation, guided by CHED as they bestowed SISC with the Autonomous status. IME will debut at Southville in A.Y. 2020-2021. The fulfillment of this pursuit is just the beginning of the many exciting things Southville College Division is working on as a result of autonomy to provide quality higher education globally

Welcome Message

In line with the institution’s efforts to meet the growing demand for globalized quality education, it is with great pride that we announce the opening of our newest baccalaureate program – the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management Engineering. The program is our answer to the dynamic changes that are being felt in the business world with the coming of the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

The new age is full of challenges and opportunities that demand the development of a different breed of business managers. Individuals who not only recognize the business aspect of any organization, but are able to create and manage systems that combine people, energy, and material in a strong and productive force that meet its goals and objectives.
This program builds business managers of the highest level.
Engineers of the business process armed with the knowledge and skills of business and technology management.

In Southville, we add an extra edge to these individuals. The inculcation of an international and global perspective. The Southville Industrial Manager is able to understand the business from a global perspective. This vision will allow them to manage a multicultural task force and propel them deeper into the 21st Century. We invite you to join us in this endeavor.

Dr. Victor Manabat
Dean, College of Business | Southville International School and Colleges

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