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Minerva Janne Ganaden

Business Graduate

"I’m proud to say that Southville International School and Colleges is indeed one of the best International Schools in the Philippines... "read more>>

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 Erina J. Tabora



Southville Milestones:


  • President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (PGMA) Award for Campus Journalism
  •  Rank 4, High School
  • Outstanding Thesis
  • Values Excellence Award
  • Class Valedictorian, Basic Education



"Southville helped me achieve my goals by training me to strive for the best. I am truly thankful and grateful that I've stayed in Southville throughout my growing years because I really learned to stand out and reach for my dreams."


"Southville also trained me well in opening my mind to other perspectives and cultures. When I first went to the US to study, I was excited to mingle with a diverse community. I worked as a peer mentor for college freshmen in Montgomery College where I studied, and I felt so proud to be able to lead my fellow students."


"Another experience I won’t forget is when my English Professor in Montgomery College commended me for writing a good essay. She read it in front of the whole class saying that’s how essays should be written. I felt really humbled yet proud. I want to thank all my English teachers from grade school to high school. I want to thank Southville too, for always inspiring me to do better."