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Danielle Kilayko

Education Graduate

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 Jericho Someda

BS Information Technology  


Southville Milestones:

  • MSIT Certified
  • President of Junior Philippine Computer Society (JPCS) - SISC Ch
  • Director for International Linkages, JPCS National Board of Officers 


What is your biggest goal in life?

To be able to establish myself in the field and industry that I have chosen. Basically I would love to live the life where I love what I do, glorifying God in every aspect of it. 


What is your favorite Southville activity?

SISC has so many events that I think really catch the interest of each students. For me, my favorites are the Foundation Week where different levels, courses and organizations celebrate one value which is the foundation itself of Southville, and of course the IT Week where we get to have speakers from the IT industry to show and give us oppurtunities in the field.


What is your unforgettable Southville experience?

My unforgetable experience in Southville was when the JPCS-SISC officers organized and conducted the IT Week last September 2011. It was definitely a success! Seminars, games and even film viewing made this week very exciting.


What is the best part of studying in Southville?

The best part of studying at Southville would be the opportunities it continues to present to their students. I love how these opportunities cater to every interest and belief of each students.


What is your goal after graduation?

To work in a private IT firm that would enhance my skills and knowledge with regards to the current and future trends in technology.